Integrated System for Supervision, Control, and Economic Optimization of Industrial Processes

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What is SISCO?
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What is SISCO? 

SISCO is an information system for the supervision, control, and optimization of industrial processes. It was intended to support the operators in the supervision, control, and management of an industrial plant. The main feature of SISCO is that allows to manage the plant since an economic point of view. In this way, SISCO not only considers technical parameters but also incorporates economic indexes such as costs and benefits.


  • SISCO shows to the operators an integrated view of the whole automation system. This facilitates the supervision and control of the plant.
  • SISCO allows to consider economic indexes in the operation of a plant, which indicates the real economic impact of the control actions.
  • SISCO facilitates the control of the production, given information about the costs and benefits of the plant operation.

Main Features 

  • SISCO calculates in real time economic indexes such as costs, incomes, and economic benefits.
  • SISCO estimates the behavior of the most important technical and economic variables of a plant, using models that adjust automatically. 
  • SISCO optimizes the global operation of a plant since an economic point of view, and considering the operational restriccions.
  • SISCO is highly flexible and it can be configured according to the characteristics of each process.


SISCO has 3 main modes of operation: Evaluation, Consult, and Optimization.  

  • The Evaluation mode gives on-line information about economic indexes of the process. For instance the cost of production and the incomes due to the transference of products. 
  • The Consulting mode uses predictive models to estimate variations in the technical and economic variables with respect to the change of a manipulated variable. Also, the Consulting mode indicates if a change of a manipulated variable violates technical restrictions, such as the limits of the main variables.
  • The Optimization mode is based on models that allows to determine the optimal control strategies in order to maximize an economic objective function. This function considers the main variables of a plant and the technical restrictions.
SISCO was developed over SCAUT-3G for windows NT. We are currently working in new versions for other operative systems. 

Case of Study 

The evaluation of SISCO in a real grinding plant shows that the objective function presents a large variability. This is due to the fact that higher benefits can be reached with a large feeding to the mills, but this produces saturation of mills or hydrocyclons which forces to reduce the tonnage. 

A conservative estimation indicates that the reduction of this variability in only 5% can increase the benefits as much as 3%. In this way, for a plant with a production of 50,000 Tons/day is possible to recover the investment in less than one month.

Ordering and Further Information 

DICTUC S.A. offers free demos to the companies that have interest on SISCO. 

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Updated on November 10th, 1997